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"Paula, Carlos, Carisa, Dr. Grady, thank you all for being obedient vessels....allowing God to pour into you and in turn being poured out. What an incredible, precise, cut to the chase, spiritual event! What God has provided, through you will have impact for years to come!”~F.D.

"The Renew and Revitalize (Marriage) Conference was absolutely excellent! It provided practical tools to be used to enhance the marriage relationship, as well as provide sound Biblical Principles. Moreover, the presence of the Lord could be felt as He ministered to many couples-seasoned couples, newlyweds and the pre-married. I left the conference feeling empowered to make positive changes in myself and in my marriage. I look forward to the next conference and plan to invite as many as possible." ~R.B.

"What can I say about the Renew and Revitalize Marriage Conference... LIFE CHANGING. I got more out of it than I would have ever expected. Being as though I really didn't want to go, but my wife and Dr. Grady insisted that we attend. We were really blessed. The benefits of going were phenomenal. We both learned things that are going to make our marriage better. Also, it's going to make me a better husband now that I have tools to use in my marriage. The most significant thing for me was that I realize I'm not going through this alone and that other men and marriages were going through similar things that I am going through. I am just at a loss for words because the blessing was so abundant. I thank Dr. Grady for being such a strong man of God and his always telling it like it is personality. Everything was just totally awesome from opening night, keynote speaker, to the finance couple. We even won a $50 Cheesecake Factory Gift Card! Famous words: "Cold Outside, We are at the Melrose, Praise the Lord." Sign up for next year. We can't wait!!" ~J.C.

"This marriage conference truly touched our hearts and changed our lives. The Holy Spirit was present in each session. Thanks for the sacrifice"~ Pastor Vince and Monika

"I haven't been married in a bajillion years, but I am really enjoying this marriage conference". ~ J.H.

"This was our 3rd Renew and Revitalize Marriage Conference/Getaway/Retreat :) I am leaving this conference again, super encouraged & convicted, closer to God & my husband & excited about new relationships with like-minded Christian couples!! I need a repeat & a digital download ASAP please! Until next year, thank you so much & I'm totally rooting for 2 times a year!!" Maria Lewis

"Thanks again for putting together that awesome marriage retreat. I'm still refreshed. Many thanks again to Paula, Carisa, Dr. Jendayo Grady and Pastor Battle for helping put together such an uplifting and life changing marriage conference. It was indeed an amazing time together. My wife and I look forward to next year's conference, God willing. J.K. 

"Great job this weekend! The whole conference came together so well and shared valuable information. Way to go and to allow God to use your gifts! ~ C.D.

"We have been married for over 20 years and have attended each Renew and Revitalize Marriage Conference. Each year, the information provided during the conference has enhanced our marriage in a special way. As Christians each year, we look to abide deeper in Christ. I must say that we walked away from the 2016 conference with deep agreement in our covenant to reflect more of Christ." M.W & V.W"

"Wow! Just returned with my husband Mitchell from this amazing conference... renewed, revitalized, and restored. We were provided great tools to strengthen our marriage. And we had a great, great time! I really can't wait until next year's conference!" J.G.

"Don't you love how God works? I'm so inspired to be a better wife after hearing Dr. Grady's presentation on marriage. ~ B. C.

"Blessings were flowing today at the conference! We serve an awesome God! Looking forward to Part 2 of the wonderful marriage conference!"~ A.F.B.